Creating Student Accounts in iCollaboratory-Moodle-Google

After your teacher account is approved, you need to create accounts for your students.

First: Netiquette and safety are the two most important subjects you can teach students about using the internet. Good netiquette is appropriate behavior goes hand-in-hand with helping internet users feel safe. Students who feel safe and secure are unlikely to endanger security of others. Please read the attachment about netiquette.

Second: Teachers need to send a spreadsheet for their students' accounts. The file must contain student username (johns209), password (miC.1key), first name with last initial (JohnS), school name (George Williams Elementary), and See the examples listed below.

When creating student accounts:
  • To ensure their names are not duplicated, add a number at the end of the user name.
  • Passwords need to be secure and at least eight characters long. DO NOT give each student the same password.
  • Student firstname should include his/her first name and the first initial of his/her lastname. I.E. Jerry Smith is JerryS, if there is a second Jerry Smith he should be JerrySm.
  • A student's last name should be his/her school name. I.E. Jerry Smith from Hayt School would be JerryS Hayt School. His username name might be jsmith204 or jsmith204hayt.
  • Each student must have a unique email address. We don't want an official email address. Please enter  your student's username with as the email address. 
  • NO commas anywhere in the file!

Note: With the above in mind, open your class list and Excel to begin.

Third:  Your spreadsheet should look like this:


Fourth: Save your spreadsheet with an extension: xls ; xlsx ; or if you don't have excel, add the name of the program to the end of the file name.

Fifth:  Email the spreadsheet to

Note: If you have other questions about adding users, please email