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What I am Most Thankful For

posted Oct 16, 2010, 4:04 PM by Bonnie Thurber   [ updated Dec 3, 2010, 4:47 PM ]
The  iCollaboratory invites all K-12 students to participate in What I Am  Thankful For. Students take a survey about being thankful and then use their creativity to write, record and illustrate an essay about what they are thankful for. They then share, read and comment on essays with each other.

To register for this year's What I am Most Thankful For project:
K-12 teachers send email to between September 1 and November 1. In your message, please include your full name,  grade level you teach, and your iCollaboratory user name. When the iCollaboratory receives your registration, we will change your account a teacher account for you so you can create accounts for your students.

If you do not have an iCollaboratory user name, please click Create Account, top of the iCollaboratory Home page.

What I am Most Thankful For starts November 1, 2010

Activities for the project include:

Week one, Activity 1: The Thankful Survey
1.1 Survey: What I Am Most Thankful For
1.2 View Survey Results
1.3 View Survey Spreadsheet Results 

Weeks two-three, Activity 2: Write & Publish Your Thankful Essay
2.1 Teachers: Create Your Class Web Site
2.2 Students: Create Your Web Page
2.3 What I Am Most Thankful For Website

Weeks four-five, Activity 3: Review & Comment
3.1 Review & Comment on Essays

For questions and more information please email

Thank you!