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What I am Most Thankful For

posted Jun 7, 2010, 7:47 PM by Bonnie Thurber

The Northwestern University iCollaboratory invites all K-12 students to participate in What I Am  Thankful For. Students take a survey about being thankful and then use their creativity to write, record and illustrate an essay about what they are thankful for. They then share and comment on essays with each other.

To register for this year's What I am Most Thankful For project:
K-12 teachers send email to between September 1 and November 1. In your message, please include your full name, email adderess, grade level you teach, your school's name, city, state or province and country. Upon registration completion, you will receive a teacher iCollaboratory Google account and a classroom iCollaboratory Google account for each participating classroom.

NOTE: As you view and read results from past years, please remember that this is the first year we are using the NEW iCollaboratory-Google site. In past years, we used the Survey Studio and Nexus Communities for the What I am Thankful For  project. It is going to look different. 

November 1-14: The Thankful Survey Students take an online Survey and learn more about the other students who are participating in the What I Am Not Thankful For Project. 

November 3-21: The What I Am Most Thankful For Essay Students share a description of what they are most thankful for and why. They can include video, audio images and/or text. Once students have gotten feedback from their class and teacher, they can share their essay in a gallery which is linked to the Interactive Map. To view the galleries, click the Interactive Map link above then click on each individual school link. You are welcome to continue writing and commenting through December but, I would like the first sets of essays finished before Thanksgiving. 

November 14-30: Reading and Commenting: Students read each others essays and give feed back by writing comments. 

Students may look at the map to see where other participants are from.