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Scariest Stories & Fall Poetry - 2011

posted Sep 21, 2011, 12:47 PM by Bonnie Thurber   [ updated Sep 21, 2011, 1:04 PM ]

Whether it be a scary story or a fall poem, we encourage students to share their literary work and discuss it with one 
another. Students can use this project to develop their writing skills by sharing and discussing their narrated 
and/or illustrated (optional)
 writing in our online community.

The Scariest Stories project activities described below are designed to take about one hour a week in a school computer
lab or on set of classroom computers. 
Teachers should plan to spend an hour a week in addition to the computer time. 
Students who get involved spend more time writing, sharing and discussing their stories. 

How to register:

  1. If you are an educator with an iCollaboratory account, send email to letting us know your class will be participating. We will send you information about creating student accounts and give you permission to do so. 
  2. Log in to the iCollaboratory.
    • No account: If you are an educator, please create an account. If you are a student, your teacher should create your account.
  3. Scroll down the iCollaboratory start page, click Sponsored Projects. A new page opens.Click Scariest Stories and Fall Poetry.
  4. Click Yes to register. When you are registered, the project page appears. 

October 1-7: The Scariest Survey  
Students take an online Survey to learn about the other students who are participating, what they like to do on Halloween
and what they are most scared of.

October 8-14: The Scariest Forum

After registering for the Project, students, as a class, select one link representing their collective ideas about a scary 
story, Halloween tradition, or local legend from their hometown or region for students in other regions to view. Teachers 
submit the selected link to the Scariest Stories Forum. - Please feel free to reply to other links with appropriate comments.

October 15-21: Write and Share Your Scariest Stories 
Students use their iCollaboratory Sites accounts to write and share a scary story. The story may include text, 
illustrations and audio narration/sound effects (optional) or a very short video (optional). The stories can be written in
any native language. 

October 22-31
: Review and Discuss Stories
Students review the stories others have written and discuss them online by contributing comments at the end of 
each story. The comments can be written in any native language. Please also translate them into English.

November 1-7: Take a Final Survey and Write a Reflection.

Students take a final survey to see if their ideas have changed. They write a reflection about what they have learned from the stories and comments of others and from their own writing and writing comments. 

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