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Moon Over Us in its Second Year with USA, China and Brazil

posted Aug 31, 2012, 6:42 AM by Bonnie Thurber   [ updated Sep 2, 2012, 9:28 PM ]

The Moon Over Us 欢迎来到《我们上方的月亮》

The Moon Over Us is a collaboration with schools in Beijing. It will run from September 4 to October 7. After the first project we will be continuing with additional collaborations. The iCollaboratory,, is partnering with Global Hands on Universe and GTTP on this project.

们上方的月亮是一个与美国学校的合作项目。 它将从94日一直进行到107日。在第一个项目之后,我们将继续其他的合作。在这个项目中,iCollaboratory

In the project, students aged 10-16 and their teachers from around the world share information about the moon and discuss this information by commenting on each other’s web pages.

这个项目让学生学习关于月球在空中的运动。在这里,来自世界各地的学生和教师分享关于月球的信息, 并且在iCollaboratory网站上讨这些信息。

If you are interested in participating in the project, please email or



Activities in this project include:


  • September 4-10:  Teachers and students register for the project, take a survey about the moon, and view the results. 
  • September 10-17:  Students look at the website map to find where project participants are located.
  • September 17-26: Students learn about the moon and its distance from earth. They share this information in the Moodle forum attached to the project activity.
  • September 26-October 3:  Students take pictures of the moon once a night for 3-5 nights. September 30 is most important because that is the Chinese Autumn Festival.
  • October 3-11:  Students analyze pictures and compare alignment and create individual webpages to share knowledge, experience, photos, facts and stories about moon with other students in our Google domain. Chinese cannot use Google so there will be pointers to their site.
    103日至11日:分析你的照片。你照片中的月亮是什么月相?它与地球和太阳是如何排列的?你还知道关于你照片中月亮的什么事情?    创建你的网页来同其他学生分享你关于月亮的知识,经历,照片,事实和故事。
  • October 11-18: Students and teachers view and comment on webpages by other participating students. 
    October 19-26:  Students and teachers share what they have learned from this project by writing individual reflections and taking the final survey.