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Internet Access at the iCollaboratory Symposium

posted Mar 27, 2012, 2:17 PM by Bonnie Thurber
NUIT is pleased to announce that free guest wireless access will be available for campus visitors needing short-term access to the Internet.
This is very exciting information for the iCollaboratory Symposium. We will be able to use the internet in Hardin Hall and will not need to travel to other campus spaces. 

Participants at the Symposium, please plan on bring your own laptops, iPads, tablets or other devices that are Internet/wireless enabled.

To access the Internet, guests will choose the “Guest-Northwestern” SSID on their laptop or other mobile device and be prompted to complete a simple registration process. The “Guest-Northwestern” SSID is accessible from most wireless access point locations across campuses.
Access will be granted for a 24-hour basis that begins at the time of registration. Re-registration is required each additional day, as needed.
It is important to know that Northwestern’s guest wireless service is unsecured and should not be used for sending or receiving sensitive information. For security purposes, internal University-wide systems such as FASIS, SES, NUFinancials, etc. are not accessible via the guest wireless network.
The guest wireless network is intended for use by University visitors only. Members of the University community should continue to use the “Northwestern” network.
More information about Guest Wireless Access at Northwestern can be found on the NUIT Web site at <>.