Signing in to Projects

NOTE:  Please read carefully. The iCollaboratory's Moodle is sick. 
  • We have changed the log in to go straight to the project you are participating in. 
  1. Sign out of any other Google accounts you may have open or open a different browser.
  2. Click the link (listed below) to the project you are participating in.  A new page that contains the iCollaboratory pinwheel logo appears.
  3. Enter your iCollaboratory username and password. The project page appears.
The first time you log in:
  1. Click this link: .
  2. You  need to read and agree to terms and conditions.
  3. Click Submit  at the bottom of the page. Your Google Sites page appears.
  4. Sign Out and click one of the the project links listed below.
Note; If you cannot get in please notify Bonnie Thurber, immediately.

When you log in the second time and all times after, Click the links below to sign in and open the project page:

Internet Book Clubs


  1. Moon Over Us - all projects
  2. iVote 2012
  3. Scariest Stories and Fall Poetry
Coming Soon:
  1. What I am Most Thankful For
  2. Solar Eclipse
  3. Moon Over Us: Phases
  4. Moon Over Us: History and Peoples
  5. Moon Over Us: Phases and Faces
  6. Songs My Family Taught Me
  7. Bullying
  8. National Poetry Month
  9. A Day in Our Neighborhood

For student accounts:

Send the spreadsheet with columns labeled user name,  first name, last name,  password school name.

The student's first name should contain first name and first initial of last name. The last name is the student's school name.  We are happy to create the student accounts for you.

More to come soon! :)