Donations and Funding

Dear Friends,  

The iCollaboratory has many members that we welcome with no charge. This year we are hoping those members will take a more active part by donating money to support payments for servers, internet connections and domain costs. To donate to the iCollaboratory you may either click the Donate button or send a check to Educational Continuum Org NFP. Educational Continuum Org is the parent NFP for the iCollaboratory. 

To Donate using PaypPal:
1. Navigate  iCollaboratory and click  Donate button on the top right hand side of the webpage. 
2. Select the Send payment via PayPal button and complete the information on the PayPal Web site. 
3. After payment is received, an receipt is emailed to you, please save this for your taxes. 

If you do not feel comfortable using PayPal, you may send a check made out to Educational Continuum Organization to:

Attention: Bonnie Thurber
Educational Continuum Org
665 Brierhill Road
Deerfield, IL. 60015

It may take two weeks to get this check processed. 

We are also looking for Funding opportunities. If you see an opportunity, please email

Thank you,

Bonnie Thurber and the iCollaboratory Team