Communities and Partners

Sponsored Projects introduce new members to the iCollaboratory by encouraging participation in an engaging collaborative project, alongside experienced iCollaboratory users. The projects demonstrate the communication and collaboration tools available in the iCollaboratory and involve different grade levels, subject areas and communities. All K12 classrooms are invited to join with their teacher/leader.

As you participate, please remember that published content needs to be appropriate for ages 4-18 years. Appropriate online behavior is also important!

Nutrition A3 – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace! community includes members who have completed one or more of the FUN and interactive projects that allow you to take charge of your health by learning to make healthy food choices and be physically active. Healthier bodies mean looking your best, feeling great and peak athletic performance!

Astronomy  is designed for iCollaboratory members who get excited about astronomy.  

Kidlink  is open for all children and youth in any country through the age of 15, and students at school through secondary school. Most users are between 10 - 15 years of age. Since the start in 1990, used by children from 176 countries. Many of the iCollaboratory's international partners come from Kidlink.

CoolHub and Global Science Seminars
  offers series of Biodiversity seminars and a place for members to create, share and participate in a variety of STEM simulations and projects.